Split Regal Monogram Metal Art Wall Decor

Regal Split Monogram with Surname. 

These can be hung inside or outside. If you want to hang it outside we  recommend that you select  a paint color or clear coat.

***SIZING: due to the varying shapes of letters and the lengths of names, the monograms will be sized from length or width (whichever is greater) So an M with name Martin will be 15" wide by about 11" tall. A S with Smith will be about 15" tall and 13" wide. A S with Smithsonian would be 15" wide by 13" tall. If you order multiple monograms at one time we will do our best to size them all equally tall. If you order a M or a W, when ordering multiple monograms, please order it one size bigger so that it can be close to the same size as all the other letters . If you have a large name we recommend you go with a larger size as it will be based on the width and the longer the name the less tall the monogram will be.

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advanced metal art

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